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SALE BY TENDER - 28th MAY 2012

By order of the UK Ministry of Defence


Monday 28th May 2012

Viewing: Wednesday 23rd  Thursday 24th  Friday 25th and  Saturday 26th May  8:30am to 4:30pm

Approx 700 LOTS to Include

APPROX 50+ LANDROVERS including 110`s and 90`s, Tithonus reconditioned 110`s, Wolfs,  LHD and RHD + the last batch of Snatch Armoured and desertised 110`s  Etc.

CARS, Vans, Pick Ups, Ambulances, Minibuses, Motorcycles inc Honda ST 1300 Pan, Harley Davidson MT 350, Etc.

 LEYLAND DAF, Bedford, Foden 4 x 4 and 6 x 6 Trucks, HGV`s, Refuellers,  Leyland Daf 8 x 6 Drops Loaders,  RB 44 Trucks Utility 4 x 4 some with winches, Foden 6 x 6 Heavy Recovery Vehicles with crane and winches, Steyr Puch model 718 Pinzgauer 6 x 6 Ambulance, Etc. 

Approx 30 + Aircraft and Industrial Tractor Tugs, Hallam, Douglas Super Taskmaster Etc.

PLANT, FORKLIFTS and CRANES inc.  Grove RT 620S All Terrain x 2, Lansing Linde H250 25 tonne Forklift, Henley Hermes 25 TR 25 tonne Forklift. Diesel Side Loaders x 2 JCB 410 wheel Loaders, Access Platforms Etc. Etc.    


INSULATED DEMOUNTABLE SECURITY CABINS Workshops, Offices, Comunications Cabins, Ideal for Storage Conversion Etc

COLLECTORS VEHICLES inc. FV 439/436 (Fully reconditioned), CVRT Stormer, CVRT Shielder, CET Combat Engineer Tractor, Springer/Tomcar ATV Etc.

Large Quantity of CVRT and  ARMOURED VEHICLE SPARES inc. Jaguar J60 Engines, Transmissions Etc.

MISC. EQUIPMENT inc. Trailers, Tyres, Lubrication units, Winches and Rescue Equipment,  Diesel Generators, Tools, Diesel Engines, Copper Cable, Aluminium, Etc.

APPROX 250 Lots of Clansman Radio and Comms Equipment inc. test sets, RT 353, RT 321, RT 320 Etc.  transmitter/receivers, antennae, control boxes, headsets, leads, Etc. Etc. Etc.