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Site Rules and Safety Information


No Smoking at any time on site
This site is a HI VIS site, all visitors are to wear a minimum of a HI VIS Vest (Including tender viewing)
Speed limits are to be obeyed
All signs are to be obeyed
All visitors are to book in at the gatehouse
Visitors must gain permission to bring vehicles on site, and seek guidance as to where to park. All cars and personal belongings        are left at owners risk
Visitors are not to access areas signed as staff only or no unauthorised access unless  accompanied by a staff member
All visitors are to book out at the gatehouse before leaving and present a valid pass out
Vehicles may be searched on exit
No military number plates are to be removed from site
CCTV is in operation around the site. All thefts will be prosecuted
Motorcycles and Quad bikes are not to be ridden without suitable clothing i.e. helmet and suitable gloves
Vehicles to be collected are not to be self-loaded or moved without permission of a staff member
Visitors are not to attempt to start vehicles
Visitors/Drivers climbing on vehicles do so at own risk
Children under 16 are to remain in their vehicles
Beware of uneven surfaces and trip hazards around the site
Beware of fork lift trucks and heavy plant operating around the site
Witham (SV) Ltd operates an integrated management system combining ISO 9001 & ISO 14001. This requires the company to         actively reduce damage to the environment. All visitors are requested to report spills, leaks or contamination to staff to enable the     appropriate action to be carried out.

In the event of an emergency
If the fire alarm sounds or you are asked to leave the building or area by a staff member you should do so immediately using the safest available exit route or the one pointed out by a staff member.

Do not stop to collect personal belongings.

Make your way directly to the assembly point located at the visitor car park.

Make a staff member aware if one of your party is unaccounted for.

Under no circumstances should you re-enter the building(s) or area evacuated until you are advised that it is safe to do so.