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About Witham

Witham (Specialist Vehicles) Ltd have been in business for more than 40 years, since 1982 as a limited company and prior to that as a family owned partnership.


6,000 sq ft Paint and Preparation Facility:

We employ five fully trained staff who are able to repair, prepare and respray all types and sizes of vehicles and plant - from a Land Rover to the largest bulldozer or tank transporter, in our modern fully equipped paint shop.

A high emphasis is placed on delivery time and quality. If a customer requires 100 vehicles at short notice, painted in the same colours - we can do that - and have done it.

7,500 sq ft Workshop Facility:

There are two modern, fully equipped workshops. One for commercial vehicles and heavy plant and the other dedicated to Land Rovers and light vehicles.

We employ five fully trained vehicle technicians and we also operate an Apprentice Training Scheme, with one apprentice now attending part-time education. As a company, we fully recognise the benefits of staff training, especially now with a shortage of skilled labour. We will look to increase our Apprentice Training Scheme this year with the current school leavers.

At the request of the customer, special requirements can we catered for, from minor repairs to full refurbishment. We can modify bodywork, install hydraulics and fit customer's own equipment.

We prepare vehicles to MOT standard and we then thoroughly test vehicles on our own test track, without having to use the public roads.

For one particular customer, we had to carry out a 500 mile road test and rectify any faults, leaks etc. This was carried out over a 24-hour period, and on 10 vehicles we had to change one complete engine and 2 gearboxes.

Should we find it necessary, we are able to sub-contract both paintwork and repairs to several local companies who will normally respond at short notice. However, we find it more difficult to control quality and much prefer to carry out all work "in house" other than as a last resort.

2,000 sq ft Offices

Our offices are modern, having been fully refurbished 12 months ago. They have all been fitted with the latest computer cabling, controlled lighting, sound proofing and are fitted with air-conditioning to provide an excellent working environment. We provide disabled toilet facilities, kitchen, canteen and showers.

We are committed to a continual training programme for all our staff and provide an extensive range of benefits including private health care.

The company has an exceptionally low turnover of staff and a reputation for being an excellent employer.